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Glossary of Basketball Term 24-second violation (NBA, WNBA, FIBA) a shot-clock violation.

Glossary of Basketball Terms | Winning Hoops

An essential glossary of common basketball terms and phrases to help fans, coaches and players understand the language of the game.

Glossary of tennis terms - Wikipedia

This page is a glossary of tennis terminology. ... Aces are usually powerful and generally land on or near one of the corners at the back of the service box.

Glossary of Gaelic games terms - Wikipedia

The following is an alphabetical list of terms and jargon used in relation to Gaelic games.

Glossary of common basketball terms – World Association of ...

BasketballGlossary of terms3.2 Glossary of common basketball terms.

Glossary of common basketball terms – (English) ...

(English) Message from President of WABC. ... (English) 1.2 Quick history of basketball.

Basketball Lingo Glossary | Terms, Slang & Jargon On SportsLingo ...

Check out our glossary of basketball lingo and slang.

Basketball 101: Glossary | NBC Olympics - nbcolympics.com

A glossary of basketball-related terms. ... And-one: Slang term used when a player scores a basket and is fouled on the play, earning two points "and one" free throw attempt.