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Soccer: 10-yard rule to continue

Soccer officials in Jersey say the 10-yard rule has dramatically improved the conduct of their players since it was introduced 18 months ago.

Enforcement of 10 Yards for Free Kick - FXA Sports

The Laws of the Game (FIFA, USSF, and FXA) require that after a foul is committed, the team committing the foul MUST immediately retreat 10 yards and not attempt to prevent or delay the team that was fouled from restarting play. The team taking the kick DOES NOT have to ask the opponents to retreat 10 yards on a restart, the opponent is required by the laws of the game to retreat automatically.

Football: FIFA set to adopt 10 yard rule | Daily Mail Online

10-yard punishment rule universal throughout the game. The rule, which gives referees the power to move a free kick a further 10 yards towards a team's goal-line in the event of unsporting ...

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10-yard rule for next season | Football | The Guardian

The 10-yard rule, currently employed in rugby union to punish and deter dissent by advancing free kicks, is likely to be introduced to top-level football in England and Scotland next season.

Referee mechanics on free kicks: handling ... - Soccer America

In pro soccer, the refs spray by the ball, then march forward 10 yards and spray the required distance for the wall.

Corner Kick in Soccer: Everything You Need to Know – Your ...

It used to be the case that no other player could be within 6 yards of the ball at a corner kick but in 1888 the rules were changed to allow any player on the same team to be as close as they wanted and in 1914 the rules we changed to restrict any opposition players from coming within 10 yards of the ball.

10 Simple Soccer Rules for Baffled Parents

Enter Soccer for Parents. Help is here! I have developed this FREE ebook for parents and soccer leagues to assist in the fundamental training of parents and new soccer coaches. The book is by no means an exhaustive review of the soccer rules. It is simply the basics - rules that will cover greater than 90% of the situations in youth soccer.

The 17 Soccer Rules Explained (Laws of the Game)

According to the official soccer rules, standard soccer has two teams playing against each other both with 10 outfield players and a goalkeeper on the field. This means teams should each start with 11 players.