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Teaching Ideas suggests playing the basketball-variation Line Basketball. This game mainly utilizes passing abilities and has a slight focus on shooting skills. Divide the class into two teams and line them up parallel to each other at the center of the court.

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FREE Oculus Quest Gym Class VR Basketball Game. Right now you can get the Gym Class VR Basketball Game for free on the Oculus App Lab Store! This great VR transports you into an NBA regulation-sized gym from the comfort of home, so you can shoot some hoops online with up to 8 friends, or practise your skills alone.

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Jump into an NBA regulation-sized gym from the comfort of your home. Play hoops online with up to 8 others - or practice your shooting, passing, and dunking. With the help of cutting edge physics, full-body kinematics, and state-of-the-art networking, Gym Class makes VR basketball feel like the real thing, even if your teammates are thousands of miles away.

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Oculus Quest - Gym Class VR Basketball Game. kppp1233. +51. Deal Score. 7,166 Views 5 Comments. Game is listed as free on the Oculus App Lab store. Rating are pretty good. It's a basketball game.

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Basketball Games. C-Pass B-Pass - Once students know the difference between a bounce pass and a chest pass, set up an obstacle course around the gym with targets on the wall, higher for chest and lower for bounce (tape a line they have to be behind before they attempt the pass). Challenge students to hit the targets with their basketballs and complete the course the fastest.

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Game Description: This is a dribbling practice game. Players will partner up so there will be pairs spread out in the gym. In each pair, 1 player will start as the dribbler and have a basketball (or soccerball depending which game you want to play). The other player will place a hulahoop on the floor and stand with at least 1 foot inside of it.

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In our gym, we use four to six basketball goals at a time. To start the game, we divide up among the goals and each goal is treated as a separate game. Students enjoy this game because they don’t have to wait till the end of the game to keep playing. Once eliminated, they move on to play with a new group of students at the next goal.

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Basketball Games for PE 4. Knockout. It’s hard to imagine any gym class on the planet not having played knockout at least once. This is maybe the most basic of all basketball games designed to help players hone their shot. Players are going to learn how to move quickly, shoot under duress, and shoot from awkward angles.

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Basketball Golf – Set up a course in your gym to help students learn about shooting a basketball. Assessment. Basketball Chest or Bounce Pass Peer Assessment – Have partners assess each other on how well they are performing the cues for the chest and bounce pass. Written assessment can be printed and downloaded as a PDF.

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