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Craving something Asian but don't want to go for takeout or spend long hours in the kitchen trying to make something delicious? Do not worry, we got your back. Asian meals are spicy, flavoursome and all things good.

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Sometimes, the taste of a few dishes might not please your taste buds but a bowl of hot ramen with veggies and chunks of meat can fix all your problems. Here are seven Asian dishes you can make in 15 minutes, faster than ordering in.(Instagram)


UPDATED ON JUL 21, 2021 11:58 AM IST
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Chinese chicken and corn soup: The perfect starter for any family gathering. With just limited ingredients, you can make this thick soup in just 15 minutes.(Instagram/@dezi_cooks)


UPDATED ON JUL 21, 2021 11:58 AM IST
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Crunchy Asian chicken salad: If you are tired of eating the same boring salad every day then this dish will surely brighten your mood and keep you healthy.(Instagram/@tastesbetterfromscratch)


UPDATED ON JUL 21, 2021 11:58 AM IST
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Spicy Thai noodles: If you love spicy food then you need to try this dish. It is packed with strong flavours and will give you a sneak peek of classic Thai street food.(Instagram/@chatterboxdeli)


UPDATED ON JUL 21, 2021 11:58 AM IST
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Ramen makeover: Make your ramen interesting and nutritious by adding vegetables and meat of your choice. Don't forget to top it with some spring onions and white sesame seeds.(Instagram/


UPDATED ON JUL 21, 2021 11:58 AM IST
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Thai chilli basil chicken stir fry: On a lazy Sunday afternoon, you can treat yourself with some Thai chilli basil chicken stir fry which can be enjoyed with a plate of steamed rice.(Instagram/@crumbs_and_corks)


UPDATED ON JUL 21, 2021 11:58 AM IST
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Thai stir-fried noodles: Save your time and money by making a bowl of finger-licking Pad See Ew, the famous Thai stir-fried noodles at home. This is different from Pad Thai since this has a salty and sour flavour, unlike Pad Thai which has a sweet savoury flavour. (Instagram/@alohashoyuhi)


UPDATED ON JUL 21, 2021 11:58 AM IST
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